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Benefits of Listing with Morningstar

As part of Morningstar's Hedge Fund Database, your funds will be available to approximately 3,300 institutional investors and 20,000 individual accredited investors world-wide.

Database participation is offered free of charge and you will be given 24/7 access to our web-interface which allows you to view and update fund information. This account also gives you access to:


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Morningstar Hedge Fund Research and Commentary

Morningstar's team of hedge fund research analysts provide quarterly industry research reports and analysis including asset flow and performance information for hedge fund strategies.

Marketing Outlet

Post your investor newsletters, presentation materials, offering documents, subscription agreements, and wiring instructions on Morningstar Hedge Fund DataManager. You can choose to have these documents made available on the database or to be listed privately.

Join the Morningstar MSCI Hedge Fund Index

Qualifying hedge funds are included in one of the industry's most widely tracked indexes, the Morningstar MSCI Hedge Fund Indices (formerly known as the MSCI/Barra HF Index).

Hedge Fund Data in Morningstar Products

Hedge Fund data is also distributed to several Morningstar Products and Software Partners.

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